Welcome to RT-EQcorrscan’s documentation!

RT-EQcorrscan is a near real-time implementation of the matched-filter methods in EQcorrscan. Matched-filters provide an effective way of detecting more earthquakes in situations where classic energy-based detectors struggle, such as during high-rate sequences, or when noise-levels are elevated. This package is designed to enable “densification” of earthquake catalogues in near-real-time. The hope is that this will provide useful information towards understanding earthquake sources and how earthquake sequences develop in a timely manor.

Feel free to try out the package, modify the code as you see fit, and generally play around. If you have questions/comments or find bugs then please file an issue on the projects github page.


The creation of this project was funded by the Earthquake Commission of New Zealand (EQC). Currently the maintainence of this project is unfunded.


If you use our software in your research please cite our paper on the RT-EQcorrscan package. These citations help to keep the developers in work and keep maintaining the software!

Chamberlain, C. J., J. Townend, and M. C. Gerstenberger (2020). RT-EQcorrscan: Near-Real-Time Matched-Filtering for Rapid Development of Dense Earthquake Catalogs, Seismol. Res. Lett. XX, 1–11, doi: 10.1785/0220200171.